Monday, August 11, 2008

How I got here

I want to talk about some of the blogs that have lead me on my new adventure at Saving tons of money on little things so we have more for the other things we love! When we moved I tried to find some way to get connected so I wouldn't miss all my friends. That lead me to where I came across a recommended blogger Money Saving Mom. They were so right to recommend her saving skills, most of the sites I read regularly also get great info from her website. Soon I will have a list of my favorite blogs so that everyone will be able to enjoy them along with me!

A few months ago I started reading 1-2 blogs a day trying to catch onto the whole CVS and Walgreen's rave. It took me at least 3-4 weeks before I understood what was Really going on. I didn't even attempt to start shopping I just read and learned for weeks. I am very glad that I kept learning and I am still a novious and every week I feel like learn more and more with each shopping experience.

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