Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Burrito

Chipotle is giving one free burrito per customer annually at participating Chipotle locations on select days:

-> Halloween October 31'2007. Come dressed as a burrito. A typical response to this requirement is to dress up in

aluminum foil, creating the appearance of a burrito still in the wrapper.

Other ideas that work or worked previously - (something of foil visible on your body).Size does not matter it can be a foil crown or a foil hat or foil wrist bands.

Other Free Burrito days at Chipotle : (All locations may not participate in this promotion)

-> Tax Day April 15. Pick up the mock tax form BurritoEZ from your local participating Chipotle restaurant before or on Tax Day. Bring in the completed form on Tax Day for your free burrito.

-> Leap years February 29 - Buy a burrito on Feb 29, and check at the bottom of your receipt to redeem your receipt for a free burrito, valid for 2 weeks.

-> On Homecoming and Prom nights, young women receive a free burrito if they come to Chipotle wearing their homecoming and prom dresses.

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