Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cheap Date

My Husband and I don't go on dates much without our son for a number of reasons, but today we're going!!! He loves planes and would be in the airforce with his brothers if he didn't have a bum knee. With that said we're going to the airport, where we can sit and watch the runway traffic... Then we're headed to Red Lobster, since we have a $4 off coupon from the paper that expires Oct 31st and of course a $25 Gift Card thanks to Discover's Cash back program! Then after dinner we'll head over to Barnes and Noble Cafe for a free tall cappacino. So all in all we'll pay for gas to travel, a tip at Red Lobster and a small token for grandma and grandpa for the free babysitting!

Another upcoming dinner out will be at Taco Bell Tues Oct 28th!!! The World series actual gets us free tacos! Check it out!

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