Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This last has been a slow week. Mostly spent catching up on lost sleep (not blogging) from the long holiday weekend. My husband competed in a local singing competition on Friday and Saturday evening. He lost due to a very unfair point system, they tried to have it like American Idol where the audience can vote but with money instead of phone calls, so the winners were the people that raised the most money. So in the end it was not a talent show, just a fundraiser for the local chamber of commerce. Needless to say we were disappointed, as were the judges, since it ended up being a waste of their time to have even judge the talent. Unless the system changes, we will not be involved next year. If you would like you can check out his EXCELLENT performance from the finals.

I didn't get out much last week and don't see that there are any deals worth getting out for this week... So here's to hoping that we'll see some great deals in the next weeks adds!

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