Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frugal Fun

Well I must pat the backs of many of the frugal moms out there for the Birthday party tip for Geoffry today at Toys R US. I was upset because we got sidetracked and didn't get there until about 2:00pm, when most things were scheduled earlier. Fortunately our store had not been very busy so they still had everything out and TONS of coloring still to be had. My husband and I took my niece and our son and they came out with: My little Pony DVD, Thomas the Train whistles, Fire man hats (going to go GREAT with my sons Halloween costume!), Moon sand models, stickers, fun foam stars decorated and TONS of sheets to color in the future!!

Now that in itself was a good time spent with both kids, but we also had to eat lunch at some point since we ventured out into town. So we planned our day accordingly and made a quick stop at Sam's club to eat at the snack bar. There all four of us had lunch for just under $7, about the same price we would have paid ANYwhere else for one meal!!!

Of course the day gets even BETTER! My dad had told me about the fair in my brother's town this weekend. I found in the Friday paper that today they would be having free rides, thanks to the local casino (at least they're giving back to the community) for a time period. So on our way home we decided to stop and see what was going on. The rides were free from 12-5pm and a live band that my husband enjoyed. We got there at 3pm, giving the kids plenty of time to ride the rides over and over. I can't wait to post some pics, I just have to figure out how to get them off our cell phones!

Now your thinking WOW that was a lot of stuff for one day... then we headed home and saw that one of our friends was out in his yard with his two horses and kids. So we made a stop to say hi and the kids ended up going for short horse rides and my son got to ride on a 4-wheeler with his dad.

WHEW hooo we all had a great day!!! and I'm still on a buzz from everything we did all day on $7!!!!

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